Monitor will not power off and remain off

My PC:

  • MX Linux 21.3
  • KDE Plasma 5.20.5

I want my PC to remain on, running, active, but for the monitor to turn off (and stay off) after a set amount of inactive time.

My monitor is suddenly not powering off according to the settings. Under System Settings --> Power Management --> Energy Saving whatever value that’s set for Screen Energy Savings works, as in the monitor turns off, but the problem is that the monitor immediately turns back on again.

This just started happening. This happens whether I have any apps open and running or whether there are no apps running. sudo systemd-inhibit --list does not return anything out of the ordinary.

As per the settings in System Settings --> Power Management --> Energy Saving the monitor will not dim nor will it power (and remain) off, however the PC will successfully suspend into sleep or hibernation, and remain there.

Any idea what I might do to get this to work correctly?

I’m afraid Plasma 5.20 is unfortunately no longer eligible for support or maintenance. Plasma is a fast-moving project, and bugs in one version are often fixed in the next one. I would recommend updating to Plasma 5.27 as soon as your distro offers it to you. If you need support for Plasma 5.20, please contact your distro, who bears the responsibility of providing support for older non-LTS releases.

Thanks for understanding!

This still seems to not be working (Plasma 5.27.6 here); behavior as described by @snarebear: monitor goes on standby after prescribed period, but immediately returns to fully powered-on state. Heartfelt thanks to all KDE developers and the larger KDE community for all their hard work on great software.

@rsa4046 You may need to start a new thread for this. Also, please test with X-11.