More settings for number formatting

Hi there,
I’ve been using LabPlot for quite some time now and my plots progressively better but there are two things that I want to adjust, but I can’t figure out how:

First, when negative numbers are displayed in the plot they always use the dash (-) and not the actual minus sign (−). How can this be changed?

Second, in the preferences there is an option to change the decimal separator, but no option to change the thousand separator. In my case, I want to use a dot (.) as decimal separator and a space ( ) as thousand separator. How can I achieve this?

Thanks in advance

At the moment it’s not possible to modify these settings. This is a very valid feature request. We’ll look into this.

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I created now Allow to control the group separator and the minus sign for numerica values. (#891) · Issues · Education / LabPlot · GitLab. This is an important topic, we’ll try to address it soon. Thank you for pointing us to it.

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