Mouse click does not move cursor

My setup: OpenSUSE Leap 15.5, KDE Plasma 5.27.9 running on X11.
Profile settings → “Semantic integration” → “mouse click in input line moves cursor” - seems to have no effect. I need to get it working in zsh, but it doesn’t work in plain bash either.
In the same time, mouse-aware TUI apps like “nano -m” and MC work properly.
Is it a bug or am I missing some other configuration?
Searching the forum didn’t yield any results.
Thanks in advance.

TUI apps handle mouse-click themselves. While Konsole moves the cursor in shell by simulating left/right keys. So this looks like a bug, and you should report it to

It doesn’t work for me either. I admit, it could be handy.

This needs semantic shell integration to work (Semantic Shell Integration).

Konsole can provide commands to enable it in bash, with the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+], or search for semantic integration on the command bar that can be invoked via Ctrl+Alt+I.

For other shells, you may have luck sourcing wezterm’s shell integration script (wezterm/assets/shell-integration/ at main · wez/wezterm · GitHub) or using the scripts linked at the bottom of the spec at proposals/ · master · Per Bothner / specifications · GitLab

thanks! for anyone coming here from googling, in Powerlevel10k semantic integration can be enabled with:


and the original spec is here