Move to desktop context menu shortcut

Previously, I could move a window to a different desktop in KDE Plasma by right-clicking the window title, selecting “Desktops,” and then pressing a number to send it to a specific desktop. I used this method on an older version of KDE Plasma while running Fedora 23, but I’m not sure which version it was.

Currently, I am running Fedora 38 with KDE Plasma 5.27.4. When I attempt to use the aforementioned method, the window is added or removed from the specified desktop instead of being moved.

Is there a new shortcut to move a window to a specific desktop in this version of KDE Plasma? Can this behaviour be customised to match the previous version, ie move the window instead of adding or removing it?

Thank you.

Can you please mention how many virtual desktops you have and post a screenshot of the menu in question?

Sure, here is the screenshot

Do the “Move to desktop X” menu items work?

Yes it works by clicking it. However the shortcut is different to what I’m used to.

Well, that’s the expected method now. We added these so people have the ability to perform both actions: move a window to another desktop, or change which desktops a window is located on without moving it away from the current one.

I understand, having both options to move and copy are nice. However, I was asking about the shortcut. What is the shortcut to move a window to another desktop?

Quite sad the shortcuts disappeared to, I used to do Alt+F3, d, N to send a window to desktop N. However I found that shortcuts to do that directly are editable through system settings and called “Window to Desktop N”