Multi-Monitor Issues, or "Where are the Multi-Monitor People?"

I find myself wondering if most Linux users stick to single-monitor setups.

The reason for this thought is that I can find only very little information out in the web about the issues I’m having, running 3 identical monitors on my AMD/Radeon system. Details on the kde bugzilla page.

Is there an obvious phrase I am lacking from my search terms? (various combinations of: plasma, kde, plasma6, multi-monitor, multi-display, resolution)? Maybe there are better terms for finding my people, as it were. Maybe a specific forum …

I am running plasma 6.0.3 (latest KDE/Neon), and can no longer get all three monitors to full resolution. Always one of them is stuck at 640x480.

Worse, a new issue has appeared, where one or the other of the “working” monitors will go blank every few seconds for a bit before either stabilizing on either working or blank. Nothing I have tried will bring it back to WORKING short of re-login in or reboot. This does fix the issue for awhile.

I use multiple monitors for several years now and I never had issues with that. Currently I’m using two identical ones (ViewSonic VP2785-4K) and in the past I had used even 3 different ones (two FHD and one 4K).

I’m using nvidia gpus however :roll_eyes:

Edit: I just saw the bug report. Did you try switching the DP cables and see what happens? I had many issues several times because of faulty DP cables. A quick way to check if your issue in the bug report is caused by a faulty cable is to just switch the cables between two of your monitors and if the other monitor is misbehaving now.

Thanks, after moving cables around for quite awhile, I discovered a flaky cable was at fault. Stealing the appropriate cable from another machine in the house has my main box working again!