Multi monitor layout quirky window placement

I wonder if people have noticed similar issues that I’m experiencing. I have somewhat abnormal monitor layout where 3 as side by side and fourth is at top. It works fine mostly. But at times when I shutdown monitors some of the windows love to seek into new locations when monitors are turned back on. This only effects some of the windows that are always going wild (likely something to do with XWayland). I’m still trying to figure out the pattern for this. It seems to make no difference if its repo native or flatpak.

Here is the layout for reference.
It would be somewhat fine if they just seek refuge at some monitor. But they tend to seek into that red area. Clearly it is not visible. And sometimes its bit tricky to fish out the window from that area because I can’t move my mouse there. According to task bar, the window is “registered” into top most monitor or bottom right monitor. It feels like the app goes to the border of that top or right most monitor where most of the window is at red area.

My primary monitor (at center) and top most monitors have EDID-emulation, thus they are never “unplugged”. But both side monitors might experience some sort of unplugged event (even if they are not physically).

I’m using Plasma 6 with Wayland, but this is not limited to Plasma 6.

Do any native Wayland windows exhibit this behavior? Or is it only seen with XWayland windows?