Multi-Pointer or Multi-Cursor to use with Wayland?

I loved and even flexed how I can use multiple mice and keyboards together in Gnome X11 with the xinput create-master [name] and xinput reattach [slave device name or id] [master device name or id] commands.

Making you able to use two mice with each having its own Keyboard focus. This was never or partly possible with a bug in Plasma 5 X11 as the Mouse Cursor did fight with the location.

Its still kind of possible now in Wayland by having a Wacom Tablet and a Mouse, which automatically creates a custom cursor for the Tablet, but it still fights in Plasma 5 Wayland for the position like it does with Plasma 5 X11 custom xinput setup. In Gnome not which shows that the feature should be possible.

It would be great if it would be possible to set any Mouse as a new custom Cursor with each having its own Keyboard focus (to set) like it was possible with Xinput.

Especially for Plasma 6 I can imagine this as a very great feature for being more productive on the same PC or better teaching by using a second input and the application twice next to each other.

Additionally, I would even donate 20€ to KDE or smth for this feature, as I see a greater future in Plasma with this feature.

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