Multiple KDE with multi boot conflicts

I have 6 different Linux distro on separate partitions. They all share the same (separate partition) /home directory. I love this setup and it works great overall. One major drawback is I love KDE and I use it on several of those distros. But, when I log into another distro, settings are screwed up and even special menu items are missing/changed.

Couple of very simple examples.

  1. If I log into Manjaro, I have the Manjaro icon for my application launcher. If I log into Fedora, it will show the Manjaro icon. If I change it to the Fedora icon, it will change it when I log into Manjaro.

  2. I log into Fedora and it will show “Add/Remove software” listed in the application launcher. This is a Manjaro application and not Fedora. So, if you try and use it, it won’t work (obviously).

Overall, I like the setup I have because it makes using multiple distros who share the same /home directory very easy. But, these software and customization conflicts are very annoying.

Is there are a way to get KDE to not use shared applications/customization’s, etc. but still have the basic ability to use /home for Documents, Pictures, etc. It would be nice if KDE had it’s profiles (for the lack of a better word) in /usr and not in .config. Or, have local config files in /usr and global config files in .config


Jeez, just don’t do that. Well, on second thought you are free doing whatever you want.