My avatar doesn't change

Hello. My system is Debian KDE. Was on two partitions (/ and / home) a little later I merged them. And my avatar is no longer displayed on SDDM. I found a solution to the problem in changing the .face file. But it is not very comfortable to change the file every time. Is there any solution?

If you are using wayland you can apply your plasma settings to sddm

If you open the application launcher and click on the circular icon at the top left of the menu - near your name - it should take you to the System Settings “Users” page where you can click on the large avatar and choose a different one.

This process sets the .face file. Is that not working for you?

No, I still have old images in .face and .face.icon files. In my case, the standard debian avatar.

I’m using X11 because Wayland can’t work with blur for me.

Sorry, my bad - the System Settings user accounts editor doesn’t edit the .face files, and I think this whole thing is now deprecated.

The system should use the org.freedesktop.Accounts System D-Bus API, which is what the user accounts KCM is doing. SDDM apparently still trusts .face files even though nothing has been touching them for a while.

You should remove the .face and .face.icon files from your home directory and instead rely on the Users KCM and the D-Bus service.

BTW - you can see what avatar the Accounts D-Bus service has for you by running qdbus --system org.freedesktop.Accounts /org/freedesktop/Accounts/User$UID org.freedesktop.Accounts.User.IconFile - it should output something like /var/lib/AccountsService/icons/USERNAME and if you open it with an image viewer - it should be the icon you see in the app launcher menu, the users KCM and - if there are no .face files - the SDDM login screen.

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I deleted the .face and .face.icon files and it really worked. Thank you!