My Canonical Firefox Is Crashing

Anyone else having the same issue? After about 30+ minutes with multiple tabs open and video going, my Firefox completely closes down and I have to restart it. Never used to do this. Has been happening for less than 24 hours. I am using all the latest updates. At least 4 instances of the same crash behavior. I am using X11.

The reason I’m using X11 is that twice now when I’ve been using Wayland I’ve had to do manual fsck error correction to get the computer to boot, so I don’t currently believe Wayland is good for my hardware.

All this said, I only recently started using the built-in Canonical version of Firefox. I can try the Flatpak to see if it helps.

Now that I think of it, I can’t say it never used to do this because I never used to use this Canonical version of Firefox. I just recently thought with a fresh install that I should instead of installing an additional Firefox version.

I will have to give the Flatpak version a try over the next few days to better flesh out my experience.

One page that was consistently crashing this Firefox version was this one: Azure global infrastructure experience

I opened the same page with Brave and had no issues.

EDIT: I tried it again. That link 100% of the time crashes Canonical Firefox on my system. I have Enhanced Tracking Protection on Strict. Also using uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger.

I will try the link above with a fresh Flatpak install without those addons and with tracking protection on normal.

EDIT 2: It loaded successfuly on the new Flatpak install using all default settings. Therefore, it’s either the Canonical version or the addons and settings I have employed.

Edit 3: I disabled all the extensions and changed tracking protection to standard/normal. Still crashes. Therefore, as far as I can tell, it is the Canonical version of Firefox that is the problem. To work around this, I will use instead the Flatpak, as I always used to.

Firefox in Snap and Flatpak packages have officially maintained versions by Mozilla, so check that you have downloaded the official version.

I tested the snap on KDE Neon, X11 session, with Ublock, Privacy Badger and Strict tracking protection, and was unable to reproduce the crash with the posted link. So it may be something in your FF profile. Try starting the browser with the -P flag, to pick a new profile and test again to rule out this possibility.

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I am having no issue now with that page since I did sudo snap install firefox. I will see if this continues to work well.

The version I was using before is the version that comes with KDE Neon without installing either the snap or the flatpak version.