My devices can't see each other on KDE Connect, any idea why?

Sorry, I’m not really sure where to begin.
I’m trying to pair my phone (Pixel 7) and my PC (Plasma on Endeavour OS), and they just don’t see each other at all on Available Devices, even if I’m certain they’re both on the same wifi.

And I’m not really sure where to look for information either. The KC interface in the settings app just links to a broken Userbase Wiki link (just a very informative error code, [b36b97a1a645ff4015c945ad] 2024-04-02 21:22:50: Fatal exception of type "TypeError"), and the entry on docs .kde .org doesn’t have much info either.

Hi, that looks like temporary error since the Wiki history is still there, so hopefully it will be back up soon :slight_smile:

In the mean time, the general network requirements are TCP ports 1716-1764 and UDP port 1716. If you’re using firewalld there should already be an exception for KDE Connect.

Otherwise a decent test is just trying to ping your device. If you can’t do that, it’s almost certainly a network, firewall or router problem.

Hope that helps a bit!

Another possible problem may be if you have “client isolation” enabled in your router - its a common configuration in residential routers that is meant to prevent malicious actors that somehow manage to gain access to your WiFi(*) from accessing your personal devices. With this setting in place, KDE Connect cannot work.

*) Which isn’t normally hard - tests have shown that most residential WiFi networks can be accessed in under 5 minutes of work.

Sorry it took a while to get back. But yeah it was a firewall issue. For some reason that exception was disabled.
Thanks for pointing me in that direction, I should’ve thought of that first tbh

The Userbase wiki page is still down… And viewing the history doesn’t work either. Someone should do something, but I’m not sure what?

Just registered an account, if the article is still down I’ll see if I can look at the source I guess
yeahhhh I had a look and I don’t get it. The article shows in the editor but not in the actual published version.

I’m not sure how the wiki work tbh, but I dropped a note in the KDE Connect channel. I assume if it were the whole wiki someone would have noticed :slight_smile: