My Dolphin Context Menu Apps

They are currently only for Plasma 5, but I will port them to Plasma 6 soon.

Let me know if they are useful.

I created these because I dislike the currently available Service Menu apps that do sort of the same thing.

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Awesome! :heart:
But sadly I have not use for that functionality. :frowning:

BUT, while you are at it, could you test if disabling your menus (in dolphin context menu settings) also removes them from the right click?

The only one I use does not.

Sure I’ll check it out.

I wasn’t quite sure what you wanted here, after I thought about it. But I disabled my items and a whole bunch of others, and they all disappeared from the Context menu.

If you mean all the context Menu items I’ll set up a VM and test that.

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Service menus are now supposed to be in ~/.local/share/kio/servicemenus/ not ~/.local/share/kservices5/ServiceMenus should be edited. :heart:

Again I am an idiot.
You are WORKING on getting them to plasma 6… :person_facepalming:
I just saw “updated 23h ago” and my brain went, yepp, that is all the info I need. xD

I remember there was a user here on the forum asking for this to be ported to plasma 6, but don’t remember the thread or user, but the update is appreciated.
I hope that user reads this thread. :slight_smile:

Edit 2
Since we do the edit dance here. xD

I meant the dolphin context menus, not yours in particular, any.
Because the only one I use (open as root ported to plasma 6) can not be disabled for some reason.
The right click menu in Dolphin is still there even though I untick it in the context menu settings for Dolphin.

Thanks, I guess it is only that menu OR mine and two more confirmed users computers.
Seems strange that the plugin would be able to block it being disabled in Dolphin settings.
I will have to look deeper into this.


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Fun fact. When testing the Plasma 6 port of these apps, on a Plasma 6 Distro, I was unable to actually run them until I set the execute flag on the .desktop files.

That really should have been done already.
We want Plasma to be a safe DE, upholding permissions is a simple way to do so.

We should display a warning in the KCM when a .desktop file is not executable to help users still.

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How about not being able to disable a Dolphin context menu?
Seems KDE avoids that question.

Do I have to post to the dev of the plugin and ask him if his code is unsafe since I CAN NOT DISABLE THE PLUGIN?
Because I would have gladly done that days ago, if the KDE store was not completely bugged so creating a login is not possible.


This is clearly new. It has never been a requirement on any Distro or DE I’ve used before.

I don’t disapprove, in fact I agree it’s a good idea.

It is new here, but it was the case elsewhere, for instance when launching a .desktop file by clicking it.

Interesting, I’ve never noticed that before, launching apps by clicking on the .desktop file is not something do. I can’t check previous Distos, but on Manjaro Security Policy asks if you want to Open (edit), Execute or cancel, any .desktop file with an unset execute flag.