My high-contrast-ish colorschemes

Hey, just wanted to share these for others who like to use high contrast colors. However, these are not like maximum high contrast, due to my eyes not really liking pure black and white. They’re more dark gray and vibrant colors.

You can install them through the download new stuff buttons in various apps, or just download them from following links:

Plasma Colorscheme:

Konsole colorscheme

Kate colorscheme

Also I have various other things in my theme repo, like VSCode theme etc:

The repo is more up-to-date usually as well.

Last but not least, if you like outlines for all kinds of windows and panels, I’ve made Plasma theme with gray outline here:

It’s just Breeze pretty much but with added outlines. The outlines match the one with the Breeze window decoration when used with my colorscheme.

I hope someone finds it useful :slight_smile:


Wrote a blogpost about them AksDark: My colorscheme for KDE Plasma


I’ve seen it today on Planet KDE. Awesome work!


AksDark has now a proper name!


It’s repository is here, will be uploading the themes to KDE Store soon!

Feel free to contribute with similar colorschemes for other apps etc!


The themes are now in KDE store, I just changed the name of AksDark to Revontuli and updated the files.