Namaste, Indian folks!

Iā€™m excited to have an Indian-specific thread for discussing KDE with fellow KDE developers and enthusiasts. Hopefully, we can have a KDE-specific meetup someday :crossed_fingers:


There has been sone kde events/conf in india in the past see :slight_smile: iirc @bshah was involved with that


@keys as @carl mentioned, there have been KDE events in India before. If you (or people you know) are interested in organizing such events, feel free to. As far as I understand you can even submit a proposal to the KDE eV board for financial support.
Personally Iā€™d be happy to share information/learnings from the previous events.


So this might be happening later this year at my uni. I talked to bushan a bit about it and other devs as well on telegram. Waiting for confirmation of dates from university end. How can I contact you regarding this @shantanu ? And thanks to @keys to pointing this thread out


Hi @aakarshmj , great to hear that, and I saw the conversation on Telegram just now, I think you folks are on the right track. I see @bshah has already pointed out some thing (his knowledge about things is more recent than mine), but feel free to poke me on Telegram or on Matrix.

Hey @aakarshmj let me know more about this! Would be willing to help out : )