Native Kde Neon system configuration app

Hello, the suggestion I wanted to make is to add the option to the native Kde settings that allows you to adjust the general quality of the codecs, similar to what you have in Kubuntu.
The adjustment options would be something like: high quality and 320kbps for mp3, compression level 8 for flac, low, normal or high priority for codecs, etc.
This setting is in the native system settings application, near the audio tab, in Kubuntu.

It also allows you to edit the advanced settings of the system’s default power profiles (energy saving, balanced and maximum performance), similar to what you have in the control panel application in Windows 11.
Such as disk minutes, savings on wifi, gpu at maximum performance, 100% of the processor, etc.
In case the user wants to modify, natively in the system, within the native Kde application

Kde Neon
Lenovo Ideapad 3 15itl6 82md
Intel i3 1115G4
1920x1080p 60hz
4gb ram
20gb swap
nvme ssd
ptbr utf8

Thank you in advance, success to all.

You would just need to install the relevant components in neon’s minimal install to match Kubuntu’s more extended set of preinstalled components. Kubuntu isn’t using anything outside of KDE’s own tools for this. The Multimedia tab in System Settings comes from the package kio-audiocd, which controls the settings used in Dolphin for ripping music from CDs

This depends on one’s hardware, I think and probably the kernel version. Again, both Kubuntu and neon are using stock KDE components in system settings. The differences you see there will be the same, if the Plasma versions are identical, or at least fairly close.

Remember that neon is using Ubuntu 22.04 in terms of kernels and hardware support, so if comparing Kubuntu 22.04 to neon on the same computer, the only difference will be whatever differences are there between Plasma versions.

If comparing neon to Kubuntu 23.10 on the same computer, then the differences will be in the kernel and hardware support between the two, with Plasma versions (and the power options settings UIs) being nearly identical.

Outside of Kubuntu/Lubuntu’s Software Sources tool, there is little to nothing in Kubuntu on the desktop that isn’t a standard KDE utility, so it should just boil down to the differences in the default software and package sets between the two.

Kubuntu by default is a full set of applications as well as the desktop, whereas neon is a core Plasma install with nothing extra, outside of a web browser.

Don’t think I have seen these options in native KDE applications. Can you point me to them?

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Hi, it was just a suggestion, to come native in the system settings :smile: