Need an free alternative to KOrganizer which syncs with Google Calendar

I have been trying to find a To-do list application which can keep me organized with the below requirements

  1. Decent Graphical User Interface
  2. Must have a due by time (not just due date)
  3. Must have reminders
  4. Free
  5. MUST run in background and must be capable of sending reminders in the background.
  6. Have an ID/letter associated with the tasks (or better yet color coded)
  7. Syncable with Google Calendar

And KOrganizer fits all of this! It would have been perfect had it worked. But, thanks to a bug it’s Google Calendar integration has failed on my device.

Now, now, I realize it’s easier to fix KOrganizer than to find an alternative that’s does the same job as KOrganizer as well as it does it, so I would be happy to share any info regarding KOrganizer as well!

Thank you!

I can’t add tasks to KOrganizer and make them sync to Google Calendar, neither will Google Tasks sync into KOrganizer, I need an alternative which does this! I need a KOrganizer which works!

The reason why KOrganizer (and Kalendar) don’t support Google Task is that nobody implemented סקירה כללית  |  Google Tasks  |  Google for Developers only the Google Calendar and Google Contact api.

This is a large scale project unfortunately :frowning:

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kalendar has a task as well as event feature … the task has a “due” check box with date and time widgets.

i had to add the backports repo to my kubutu 22.04 in order to access kalendar

and you may want to also add

sudo apt install -f kalendar
sudo apt install -f kdepim-addons
sudo apt install -f libkf5akonadicalendar-bin

to get full integration with the clock widget.

you can add calendars from a number of sources, including google (i’ve not tried it).

I guess I have used xfce for long enough now, time to turn to KDE/GNOME. I am using MX Linux xfce, I might switch to MX KDE or just go Kubuntu. Thank you for this piece of info.

just go kubuntu

mixing XFCE and KDE only results in duplication of libraries.

avoiding GTK based distros with gnome or its derivatives will help eliminate the bloat

a clean debian install with LXQt or KDE will give you the least over lap… that is until you start installing more GTK based apps (could be wrong, but i think the libreoffice suite is GTK)

yeah, I know Kalendar has task support (I’m the co-maintainer of Kalendar) :slight_smile: unfortunately task are not supported with google accounts and only with the other types of accounts (Nextcloud, local calendar) since google decided to add their own API instead of using the standard ical format :frowning:

This requires us to implement a seperate backend for Google Calendar, Google Task and Google Contact, which is a pain…

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thank you! I will keep that in mind. I have exams and will stay busy for months, but will make sure to save the comment.

Not your fault. Thank you for the service you provide. The reason I was looking for Google sync was it gives great integration with my android phone. If there was an android app which would alert me of tasks I added on my laptop (in my native linux app) and it had similar features to that of Google Calendar, I would love to give it a go :cry:

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oh, ok… thanks for your work.

i went out of my way to get kalendar installed instead of main one because it’s so much better and just does what i need without a lot of other stuff… but then i don’t use the google any more than i have to.

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Sadly, Kalendar also uses that cursed/broken Akonadi backend.

Google Tasks API is implemented in libkgapi and in the Google Groupware resource for Akonadi, so in reality sync with Google Tasks should work just fine.

If it does not work, it’s a bug either in libkgapi or in the Google Resource, but all the bits and piece are there.