Need Help KDE Portal blocked Background Apps

I am a complete noob in linux. I have used mostly a mix of windows and macos throughout my life.

Getting head first into Debian 12, with KDE Plasma. Loving it, although I am still getting to solve some issues.

The biggest at the moment, where I haven’t found anything useful anywhere online, is to solve the following:
when you start a flatpak app, some get a notification from KDE Portal (I assume it’s a system application manager) that the App is running in the background.

Apps that display this for example is Discord if installed for flatpak. If you press the notification button that states “Find out more”, it opens another window that reads:
“Discord is running in the background - Portal
This might be for a legitimate reason, but the application has not provided one.
Note that forcing an application to quit might cause data loss”.

If I press Force Quit or the X button, I can no longer make the Application work for more than 7 seconds. It happens with any Flatpak app I open this menu and press X accidentally to dismiss the window.

Can someone please help? The window shows up in the task bar as “KDE Portal”, but I have no such app installed, nor can I find any menus with that name.
I just want to find the window/list/file/config where I can allow the Applications I accidentally blocked, to be allowed to be executed again and enter background without being blocked/force closed automatically by the system.

Thank you!

To fix this, install Flatseal, click on the Discord option, go to the bottom and select the cleanup/undo icon next to the background permission setting.

See: 420529 – "Background activity" notification appears every time, even after you make a decision


Bless your soul!

Spent 2 weeks looking everywhere for an an answer, and you brought it :smiley:

It worked, now Discord and my other apps are working and not being forced closed after installing Flatseal from Discovery, and changing their flag Background, under Portals section to On.

Thank you!!!

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