Need help setting up lldb debugger in Kate with lldb-dap/lldb-vscode

I’m trying to use Kate with the lldb debugger on macOS 10.14. Kate by default uses GDB, but macOS doesn’t ship with it and I can’t install it because debuggers need special permissions which I don’t have since this is a school computer.

Kate can communicate with other debuggers through DAP, which seems to basically be LSP for debuggers. There is a DAP server for lldb called lldb-vscode (recently renamed to lldb-dap, but the version I have still has the old name). Kate doesn’t come with configuration for lldb-vscode, which is a bit surprising considering lldb seems to be fairly popular, but one can be added by creating a dap.json configuration file.

This is where I’m stuck. I have no idea how to write a configuration for lldb-vscode. I can’t find any documentation for Kate DAP configuration and trial and errror hasn’t been very successful. lldb-vscode’s README has instructions for setting up with VSCode, but Kate’s DAP configuration seems completely different, so it isn’t very helpful.

Is there anybody who has been able to set this up already and could share their configuration ? Or else, does anyone know have some documentation for Kate’s DAP client?