Need to know if Kwin supports auto-rotation for yocto

We have i.mx6 board with a yocto-build (using weston as the compositor for wayland). We are facing issues with auto-rotate. And it seems that runtime auto-rotation is not supported by weston yet. So, we’re looking for other alternatives. I would like to know if Kwin supports auto-rotation.
We are using

Board : Toradex iMX6 Colibri board
BSP Version : BSP5
Weston version : 9
Touch Driver : STMPE-TS
Touch Driver Version : 1.0.1
Screen Connector : LVDS

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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It does indeed! Note that you need the iio-sensor-proxy package installed to make it work.

Thank you for the response. How can we integrate Kwin in YOCTO build? If you can you point to some documentation that would be immensely helpful.