NeoChat: No user feedback when running into a registration error

I have been trying to set up a new account on and for some reason get stuck after confirming my email address. This happens in Element as well as in NeoChat, so probably a issue.

What I want to report here though is that NeoChat leaves me in the dark as to what’s going on.
I have been hitting “Continue” over and over again without any visual response.

After a while I thought of checking the journal and found lot’s of these:

Apr 21 16:06:02 hermes neochat[182217]: 401 <- POST
Apr 21 16:06:02 hermes neochat[182217]: "RegisterJob" status Unauthorised: Unable to get validated threepid

The log entries are fine, but I think there should also be some sort of a NeoChat UI response, an error message along the line of “Error 401, please check your system log for more details…”

Yeah we think there should be proper feedback too we just haven’t got around to it yet

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