Neon login screen is black after the update

So after updating using the pkcon update command earlier today, now, after starting my pc again and letting it update, it booted to a black screen with a white underscore in the top-left corner. At first I thought it was bricked since there was no mouse or keyboard input (tho num pad and capslk worked fine), but typing blindly my password booted me into the Plasma just fine. I tried switching to other login screens beside Breeze, but all do the same.

I am still not technical enough to know how to deal with this kind of problem beside main troubleshooting steps and few I found on the kde webside and forums, but none that I found worked.

I’m no expert, but I wonder if something went wrong with the configuration of SDDM (the login screen software). Maybe try using sudo dpkg-reconfigure sddm or similar?

I also had black screen issues which came from outdated Nvidia drivers. Apparently you need at least a certain version to work with Wayland which Plasma 6 now uses by default. This probably isn’t your issue as it seems after the login screen that everything works, but if you’re using an Nvidia GPU, upgrading the drivers to the latest version might not be a bad idea.