New feature on wallpaper plugin

Hi, after some recommendation, I’m thinking about including the following plugin (see the link in the footer of the post) into the main repo of KDE.

I can make it work for pretty much all the default plugin, I think, with the addition of a checkbox, or create a unique plugin for that purpose.

The first option means updating plasma-addons and plasma-workspace to add a checkbox in each plugin with what to update 2 parameters (see my repo for the list).

The second option means updating only plasma-addons, to create a plugin with both image and slideshow because some user want them both (see the issues #2 in my repo).
If we don’t want it to get messy, this case limit the effect for this two wallpaper type only. It’s not a good idea to put all types of wallpaper in one I think, even if some user ask me to make it work with, for example, the image of the day (see the reddit post).

Another solution is to make this effect “chainable” with all the plugin, but I don’t have the knowledge for that, and I don’t know if it’s even possible.

For information, I have a PR open on my repo to add the slideshow in the plugin, but I have a problem with the display of images in the slideshow.

  • Do you think it’s a good idea to include this plugin in the main repo?
  • If so, which use case makes the most sense to you?

Edit : @ngraham talk about kwin script, so this is another option even though I’ve never done it :sweat_smile:, I’m looking at how to do it because this option seems very clean to me

Since I have the right to put only two link into my post, below the related link :