New functions of default filemanagers in Linux distributions

Feature requests for file managers for Linux distributions: Please build about two new copy features for your file-managers Dolphin, Nautilus and Nemo, etc. (default filemanagers in Linux distributions), that are today state of the art while copying files (like default file-manager in Windows 10)

0-100%-Display of copied files (while copying):

Visible display of how much percents of files copied(%), while copying files with default file-managers of Linux distributions (like default copy-function in Windows 10 while copying files, etc.).

Pause-Button (clicking on/off for pause):

A visible clickable Pause-Button is today state of the art (like default file-manager in Windows 10), while copying files, because it should be possible to offer a pause, to do other things on Computer, etc. (e.g. while copying a lot of files for hours, where also a display of percents of files copied is important for your users)

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A little bit sad to see Windows 10 as reference of “art to copy files” while Krusader and Midnight Commander already does this from many years now…
Microsoft may just be inspired by some third party softwares :wink:

I mostly use Midnight Commander for file copying as performances are really good, provide useful information about progress (size, files, transfer speed, estimated time) and it allows to suspend/continue file operation


There is already a pause function available on KDE, when copying large numbers of Files, I used it only yesterday when copying my Processed Photos folders to a new storage device.

But the only reason I can see for using it is if the copy or move is slowing the computer down. On Linux I can work on anything else on a different workspace and even hide the copy/move popup window, so it doesn’t interferer with with my current open window.

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It can slow down the computer if you move some gigabits of files, or hundred of thousands files.
So yes, ability to pause the process even if not used frequently is good option to let you work normally on computer, and continue process when you leave away from the computer.

Or when you start multiple move/copy at the same time, it could be useful to pause one or two processes :sweat_smile:

But I rarely use this function; mostly the most important for me is a good progress information and high performances.


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Do you mean this:


I can’t speak for Gnome’s file manager or any others, but this has been the standard in Dolphin in Plasma for quite a while, very likley well before Windows 10 even existed.

I sometimes use the pause option when transferring files over my network, if I have something more important that needs the bandwidth, or initiated multiple file transfers to my NAS. Not often, though.


The copy/move progress window shows percentages and estimated time to completion, plus a progress bar, it’s pausable and stopable, and the window can be hidden in the Notifications popup, you can also configure where on the screen you want the window to appear, and it can be configured to appear over Full Screen Windows.

I’m willing to bet that’s not possible on Windows.


There’s so much things that are not possible on windows :upside_down_face: :sweat_smile:

Thanks for screenshot and explanations!

All of these responses answers initial question I think.

On my side I’m so used to manage files from Krusader and MC I don’t really look for other files managers