New Human Interface Guidelines

Today I’d like to share a new set of Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) for KDE’s software that I’ve written, replacing the old one. This work was done over the past several months in consultation with many KDE designers and developers; the merge request says 42 people were CCd, and almost 500 comments were posted during the 2+ month review process.

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I looked through some of the HIG and it seems quite practical, good job! I also searched for one of my pet peeves but couldn’t find a reference to it, and I don’t know how to suggest it through the “official” channels (never heard of Docbook), so I’ll try suggesting it here, FWIW:
I’d like to see consistency between KDE programs in directory sort order. Specifically, I’d like to have them use the sort order the user chooses in Dolphin, even though that’s just another KDE program and not a system settings thing – but it has all 3 options.
Alternatively, each program could allow the user to choose the sort order they prefer, making all the options available (natural, ASCII but ignore case, or strict ASCII.) I always set Dolphin to a strict ASCII sort, while Gwenview uses a sort order that it prefers (natural or something like it) and doesn’t allow me to change it.
So 202306vacation.jpg is shown before 20190601vacation.jpg, even though it happened several years later.
Actually, I’d like to see a sort order preference in System Settings, and encourage all programs to use it in the HIG, or at least to have it selectable as an option (“System Sort Order”.)