New Kirigami Settings App

I have started the development of Kirigami Settings, a settings application for KDE.

At the moment it has a greater focus on the desktop.

If you want to collaborate so that KDE has a configuration application that is more appropriate for today’s world, you are welcome.


You can now use it in openSUSE Tumbleweed.

Go to:

Search for Kirigami Settings or kirigamisettings and install.


It’s an ambitious plan. :slight_smile:

I gather you’re rewriting every single KCM for this? That’s probably not sustainable and you’ll burn out; we have like 100 KCMs, and each one is the size of a small app. What might work better is to help out with the existing effort to port QtWidgets-based KCMs to QtQuick. This has been a long-term goal and we’re getting close. You can see the ones that still need doing at Plasma: KCM Redesign · Workboard. And if there are any existing QtQuick-based KCMs that you think would benefit from a different UI, that would be much easier to do than rewriting it from scratch, and the work could be upstreamed, too.

Then once all KCMs are QtQuick, we can get a new shell app to display them. We actually already have one; it’s called plasma-settings and it’s currently used for Plasma Mobile. The plan is to use that shell app for both desktop and mobile use cases once all KCMs are QtQuick. Contributing to that shell app would probably be very welcome!


Hi Nate, thanks for your comment. It is not necessary as much effort as it seems.

  1. It is possible to implement a QML interface without the need for C++ code or javascript, as shown in NetworkPage.qml or SoundPage.qml.

(For people who are learning Kirigami, KDE and Qt)

import org.kde.plasma.networkmanagement 0.2 as PlasmaNM

Uninstallation of:


Paquetes eliminados: 3
libKF5NetworkManagerQt-devel, NetworkManager-devel, patterns-kde-mauikit-stable-devel_mauikit_frameworks

patterns-kde-mauikit-stable-devel_mauikit_frameworks does not uninstall dependencies.

Kirigami Settings compiles and NetworkPage.qml works, as well as compiles and works on openSUSE Tumbleweed. You can change the wifi network.

openSUSE Tumbleweed:

Requires: qt5qmlimport(org.kde.plasma.networkmanagement.0) = plasma-nm5 package

BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libnm) = NetworkManager-devel package is not included in spec

Development package: NetworkManager-devel

Kirigami Settings compile without NetworkManager-devel on openSUSE (kirigamisettings.spec):

  1. You can read and write configuration files, it’s really easy.

  2. It is not necessary for the moment to have the complete functionality, as is the control panel of Deepin, Gnome, turning out to be something equivalent, which can be extended.

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You can change the Network plasmoid without installing any Devel:


Copy to /home/user/.local/share/plasma/plasmoids

QML code only, if it includes C++ code it is necessary to compile.

No pkgconfig(libnm) = NetworkManager-devel package

This is really incredible. @ngraham makes some really important points, so if you manage to make any progress on any of these fronts, I think we’ll both be impressed.