New kwrite Windows "hidden" somewhere in Nirvana

this happens mostly when kwrite is started via dolphin by opening a file. that said:

It drives me nuts and i’m stuck on how to solve the issue …

i’m using kwrite a lot for small changes an small text files and i have many of them. since a couple of weeks (on kde neon) new kwrite windows (started by clicking on a file in dolphin) do not open on top of other windows, not even on the same monitor and in ~90 % of all attempts they open minimized to the task bar - even with empty screens!

i have no idea if this a kwrite or dolphin issue, no idea to look for or to start “debugging”.

many thx for reading this.

(no special app settings in window behavior X11 no kwin scripts installed (eventualy more to mention))

What does “focus stealing prevention”, under “Window Behavior” is set to?

sorry for answeing late - maybe a “on the other side of the planet problem” :wink:

Setting is/was: Low (seems to be the default)

switched to ‘Medium’ and new windows do not hide any longer (will have to monitor it for a couple of days, i guess) although they still open on a different screen.

many thx so far

new windows open on that screen, where the last new window opened or - what i think is more acurate - was closed

Generally windows are supposed to open on the “active screen”. IIRC there’s a way to configure Plasma’s “active screen” policy, but I don’t remember where.

For me the active screen is where the mouse is - so, for example, I move my mouse to the external screen, then use the keyboard to open the app launcher on the main screen (I have only one app launcher) and launch something - the new window will open on the external screen, even though my actual mental focus (that was with the keyboard that I was typing with, not with the mouse) was on the main screen. It kind of make sense that way - because I can select where I want the new window to open, while if Plasma really implemented “active screen focus follows mind” then all windows would open on the main screen and I’d have to move them away manually.

this is (also IMHO) the exact correct behavior and all applications but kwrite behave like this. i have two screens/monitors (showed in another thread) with two panels and four kickers. even if kwrite is started from a kicker it sometimes pops up on the other sreen. this started three month or so ago. i’m kinda used to such minor issues - they pop up and vanish sometimes. as long new windows donot “open” in minimized state, it’s okay.

this might be related: the window minimizing animation sometimes also indicates a minimization to the other screen. not a real problem, but somehow obscure. this happens to the first action only. the second and following are all right. this in fact points to an incorrect identification of the currently active screen.