New standard fonts for Plasma 6?

I am trying out some different fonts, as I think the Noto fonts are totally okay, but not perfect.

I am currently using Inter, licensed under an open font license that allows free distribution as long as its not sold as the product itself. It looks pretty great, material design-y and adaptive so it can be used for multiple types from a single file.

Emojis work the same as with Noto, they are black/white outlined, sharp but some weird font I dont know. This has to be an extra package as it was not affected by changing the font, old known problem.

For monospace code fonts I currently use Hack which is under the MIT License. It looks nice, but not really a huge difference. Its a single font, which doesnt bloat the system like Iosevka can do (when installing all variants).

I think changing the system fonts could be a great way to make plasma look more modern! Many apps follow the system font, and in FF and Thunderbird you can even make content use the same font, so the system looks different, new, interesting and I also think very modern!

I will attach screenshots.

This also popped up lately

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I think the choice for Noto Sans has a lot to do with the fact that KDE Plasma is used worldwide…

I don’t like this font that much either and often use the Cabin font family for the DE and Fira Code for the terminal emulation for example, but I guess it is what it is for now.

I just can’t force myself to use a serif font, especially in a terminal. It doesn’t seem or feel as readable as a sans serif font.

I see your point, but from the Monaspace family only one out of five fonts has serifs. Four are sans serif.

Hahahaha! I had not opened NoScript and had only looked at the page with the scripts blocked. I saw the serifs on the icons. I immediately thought, I wouldn’t run that. I never looked any farther. :rofl:

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