New tiling settings constantly reset themself?

I use the new tiling feature of Plasma 5.27 but the settings constantly reset by themself. Either the windows size changes back to the 25/50/25 ratio or the padding resets to 4.

When I open the config file at ~/.config/kwinrc there appears a new line in the [Tiling] section with new settings and or my settings just change. For example I use a layout of 40/60 (0.4/0.6), but the settings changed to 0.398828125/0.601171875.

What is causing this and how can I make my settings permanent?

I noticed that it’s always resetting the settings after waking my system from sleep.

I would appreciate any reaction to my issue or at least a hint were I can ask for support or report a bug.

I don’t use the stuff ( still use a, although partially, working) Bismuth. But as far as I know, no, you can’t save your own settings. I suppose that if you want something similar that does work, you’d need to look for a 5.27 compatible kwin script.

Wait, what? That can’t be right! Why would one implement a feature but not make it possible to save custom settings?
Also you can press Meta+T to visually change the tiles and padding, which is saved in ~/.config/kwinrc. I don’t get it…

Like I said, I don’t use it, so I could be wrong ( doubt it though). There used to be script, Exquisite with which you could save your settings. Dunno if it’s 5.27 compatible. I do know there are a few third party scripts that do a good job at that sort of “tiling”. If I’m right about not being able to save your settings I suggest you do some window shopping on the kde store for kwin scripts. I believe they’re working on Polonium these days.

So, if you look in ~/.config/kwinrc, under the [Tiling] section, you can see that there are various subsection named [Tiling][<UUID>], which each has a different tiles setting.

What happens, I believe, is that the tiling functionality is storing different layouts for different screens, and its screen detection logic isn’t very sound… On my system, I’m moving my laptop between different docks with different external monitors, and even KScreen is having some hard time with that (though it has stabilized a lot in the last year) and I often have to reconfigure the screens when waking the laptop from sleep and connecting to the dock.

The tiling configuration suffers from a similar problem - in my case, I disconnected from the dock, suspended the laptop, then woke it up and connected back to the same dock. As a result the laptop’s built-in screen tiling layout remained the same, but the external monitor’s layout has reset. Looking in the configuration file I can see that it created a new entry with a default layout.

I’m not sure how tiling decides that there is a new screen - the identifiers it uses do not correlate to anything that I can find, including kscreen identifiers (which is what I’d expect it to use). They are UUIDv5 SHA1 based hashes - so they look to be designed for consistency, but I have no idea what they are hashing and that does not seem to work well for the purpose of consistency.

I suggest you open a ticket about this at . Link it here, please, so I can follow up as well.

Sorry to say but I guess you are. It’s a Plasma-native feature we’re talking about, why shouldn’t you be able to save your config?

@guss77, thank you so much, that sounds like a reasonable explanation.

My desktop PC is turning off the screen after a certain amount of time and goes to sleep afterwards, after waking up the config is messed up. While I have no issues on my laptop which I never use an external display on.

There you go: 473680 – Wake from sleep resets tiling config in kwinrc..