New to KDE Plasma 6, looking help for customizing my desktop

Hello people,

I’m brand new to KDE Plasma 6. I switched from Gnome 45.

On an older desktop, I had a helpful extension called TopHat.

I’ve tried to “play” with some Plasmoid, but I’ve never achieved what I had with TopHat.

Can someone help me achieve what I need?

I appreciate any help you can provide.

I like conky for keeping track of a few things - Cpu freq/use, network, disk usage etc.

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Hello and thanks for your reply. I already know conky, but it has issues with Wayland.
Then, I was looking for something I could add in a panel that could be opened at request.

It’s old school, but I still use gkrellm to keep an eye on cpu/memory/disk/network throughput at a glance. Never really found anything better yet for my purposes short of htop and other *top’s in a console.

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Wayland conky working ok here.
Also, I set my conkies (except clock and main stats) to time out, give them a count, so when I enable them they last 5 minutes before dying off… then I’m left with clock/cpu/network/disks

Wow, it looks … amazing!
I’ll give it a look soon.