New view for Folders in Desktop similar to Android Launchers' folders

I request a feature to show the folders in Desktop like how the folders are shown in Android. This’ll help with the user experience too. This’ll make it more better for touch screen devices too.
The concept is, to make any folder in desktop to opened in a small popup window with the app_icons, files etc inside it. Also when we drag and drop contents into it, it’ll the work the same like usual folders in dolphin. The only difference is the UI and how the contents are shown in the desktop.
I attached some of my Android launcher’s screenshots for folders.


Isn’t it doable via “Folder View” widget?

Unless you want a fullscreen ( expand to full screen) on clicking such a folder/widget, the folder widget already does that.

The roundness of those things is defined by the plasma theme.


As for apps, quicklaunch or something…

It’s also worth mentioning that you can find stuff which provides a single icon with, say, a dropdown menu layout. For example, better popup launcher.


Wow, it’s cool. Still the folder is occupying the space of the desktop. I wanted something like the image I attached in the above thread. That’ll declutter the desktop much more. Just organising normal folders shrink into icons in desktop.

And from the folder view widget u mentioned, I observe that most of the work is done. Now an icon(with thumbnails of the contents) which will launch the widget will be nice🔥.

Doesn’t exist as far as I know. Not in a grid view. Closest is that popup launcher with a single icon. Personally I prefer a regular menu on a panel cause these android type of folder launchers, unless you’re already on a blank desktop without windows blocking them, always require an extra click. On a phone you don’t really have a panel option. Maybe an autohidden sidebar with favs or an application drawer with favs or custom swipe gestures at most. In terms of a grouped launcher folder you need to show the “desktop” first anyway. On a computer desktop I find it more practical to group stuff in things like that popup launcher, quicktile or even fullscreen tile…on a panel. There are more options in terms of groupable menus, but the one you ask for…I’m afraid not. Maybe I’m old school but an autohidden panel with a bunch of grouped apps ( list or grid), available at all times just makes more sense to me.