New Wayland mouse-warp inconsistent in-game

kwin: 6.0.3

Before creating a ticket on this I want to rule this out as a game bug.

The new warp works very well to center the mouse as expected and the warp is motionless, also very good. The issue I am having is reflected in Gamescope’s solution as well:

In Star Citizen:

The cursor flickers when in motion:

  • The cursor can be requested by holding F when in first-person:
  1. Press and hold F
  2. Move the cursor around

Hiding the cursor will sometimes “recall” the last place it was warped from

  • The cursor can be hidden by releasing F
  1. Move the cursor away from center
  2. Hide it by releasing F
  3. Summon it again by holding F
  4. Repeat 2, 3 a few times, without moving the cursor

Moving the cursor when it has been hidden sometimes results in it snapping between the previous place hidden and the actual requested absolute location

  1. Move the cursor away from center
  2. Hide the cursor
  3. Open the inventory by pressing I (this also shows the cursor)
  4. Drag an inventory item
  • The cursor will often jump around

I do not recall which games were affected by the previous wayland view snapping bug, and I am happy to test them to make sure the issue is actually with kwin/wayland and no the game client itself (at which point I would create a ticket with them)

I should note, the behavior is not reproducible in x11 - so it probably is kwin/wayland