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scummvm, oolite, pioneer, gemrb ?

A good candidate for FOSS game addition (in my humble opinion) is OpenTTD.
In this game you design transportation network by rail, on water and in the air.
It’s a bit of a niche game, by design…
But from what I see in reviews (and think myself), it’s a very good game if you into what it is.
One can also compete with other humans, which adds a whole new dimension to this game.
Graphics in it may be on the simpler and ol’ pixel art side, but OpenTTD is not about graphics.

The Battle for Wesnoth may also worth considering.
It’s a turn-based strategy game in high fantasy setting, set on a hexagonal grid.
I’ve seen noticeable praise towards it…
It’s not pure, some critique RNG, some note old graphcis and game design in general.
From what I can quickly gather, it seems like one of nice nostalgic games, “oldie but goodie”.
But it’s not abandoned, still developed, just this is the vibe I get, that it’s a bit old-school.

If you’re curious for some more, Wikipedia have rather extensive list about such games… (extensive, not exhaustive)
For extra clarity: this is just a convenient list, not a list full of my recommendations of games.

To my humble understanding:

Godot is the FOSS game engine of choice. But there’s other tools too…
Like Ren’Py for visual novels (in fact, Ren’Py is used for a lot a lot of these, very popular).
Or ink by inkle as a scripting language for interactive stories (was used for e.g. 80 Days game).

For more-more (if wanna to) I can suggest taking a look at Gamefromscratch (videos or site).
This human being seen (and talked about) very many engines. Which is rather cool/unique.
While maybe not as convenient as cherry-picking FOSS games from Wikipedia’s list…
It nevertheless, best source for overall overview of game engines I can think of.
Although, there’s list for game engines (both FOSS and not) on Wikipedia too…