Newer versions of kmail not working with imap

Once returning to the use of email I had to upgrade from Mint19 kmail version 5.7.3 to the current 5.19.3 (21.12.3) on Mint21. Previous Mint worked just fine with current isp/mail server but this new version, not so much. Have bounced around multiple versions / platforms but none have this working on IMAP. Including Kubuntu. I understand from some “ancient” ('07 I think) post I dug up this may be to do with akonadi, to paraphrase, “never being fully functional on imap”

By restricting filters to local account I was able to stop kmail from repeatedly rescending same email but still had the problem whereby it would believe it had deleted the mail from server but actually had not. They show greyed and inaccessable and still remain on server.
Working now with Kubuntu (slight improvement) but still problematic.

Would very much like to pick up where I left off some years ago and take to next level with encryption (as current circumstance make this imperative / at least highly advisable) using what was for me the premiere os (desktop environment). On a related note I am here using a Gnome browser as apparently KDE forums no longer support thei own. eg Falkon and Konqueror. ->insert rolling eyes smiley here<-

Perhaps I should include an actual question which would be:
-Am I correct in that there is a known issue with support of IMAP?
-Is there a setting or configuration that can be altered to address the issue I’m having?
-Recommendations / Suggestions?

I should add that one symptom of the problem is the mail filter agent progress bar, currently on this machine (21 Cinnamon 5.4.12) with filters set to local folders only and corresponding filters unchecked, the progress bar is frozen at 0%. On other setups it will behave ie will complete and no longer show 0% as though it were frozen.

Reviewing bug reports page I see that indeed varios problems related to kmail/akonadi/imap have been around since '07.

Why should it (ver. 5.19.3 (21.12.3)) work on Mint21 but not the successors?
What was changed and is the KDE team looking at making this software work consistently with such mail servers or not?

I had similar experiences in the past and it’s a bit of a hit or miss. It also seems complicate to extract any kind of log/debug information when things do not work, so the bug reports I could file were pretty generic. I have since moved to a different e-mail client.

You may want to try following the official troubleshooting guide (there’s a page specifically about database inconsistencies), although I from past experience I am not sure it’s worth the time invested.


As you pointed out, it is quite easy to find advice pointing to issues with Akonadi.

From my point of view, as a Kontact user, if you mess about with Akonadi then, it’ll turn around and bite you.

  • If you allow Akonadi to do what it’s supposed to do, everything works just fine.

Akonadi references:

AFAICS, a simple easy life with KMail & Co. revolves around exporting all your KMail and Kontact settings, archiving at least your local mail folders (if you absolutely trust your IMAP service provider) and, also archiving all your IMAP mail folders (if your IMAP service provider isn’t so trustworthy).

On the target machine with a new KMail instance (or Kontact instance), import all your settings, filters, e-Mails, contacts, appointments, tasks, journals, etc., etc. and, use it.

Yes, occasionally Akonadi may begin to misbehave – occasionally check Akonadi’s behaviour with:

> akonadictl fsck 2>&1 | grep -iE 'found|no RID'

You need to check for items which have lost their “RID” (Remote Identifier).

  • Be aware that, there are some default collections which raise a “no RID” indication – this isn’t an error – it’s a feature –
Collection "Search" (id: 1) has no RID.
Collection "templates" (id: 38) has no RID.
Collection "OpenInvitations" (id: 65) has no RID.
Collection "DeclinedInvitations" (id: 66) has no RID.
Collection "Letzte Suche" (id: 1109) has no RID.
Found 5 collections without RID.

If you discover items without a RID, either delete or move them to the Waste-basket and then, copy them back to the Mail Folder where they should be – clean up by emptying the Wast-Basket.

Appreciate the answer and the sentiment for sure.
I will be looking at that, again, very much appreciate the link at least some of your time will go to furthering my “battle”. As to the time invested? Well it didn’t help I dl’d a new version apparently days before a subsequent versions release, adding to my confusion and time. Now I’m a lot further ahead though, even if it is a losing battle being fought, I at least have a better understanding of what’s under the hood now. I am now using another, seems to be not many alternatives as used to be the case. A shame as Kmail was imho heads and shoulders above the rest, but meaningless in this scenario.

Fortunately, or perhaps not so much given how my current circumstance came to be, I haven’t anything to back up. This is brand spanking new clean as a whistle situation. It is the going forward from here part that is important and there is a time critical element at play. Will be digging into this. The provider is also an issue. Know that I’ll be treading lightly here and proceeding slowly as my experience with the cli is limited. Did a few years programming long long ago. Basic and c.
This is going to have to be a side project. Must get more sleep. ty

It occurs to me I should point out that my current situation (not having been online for quite some time) revolves around family and health issues coincident with and preceeding covid. Not anything other in case anybody is wondering.


Please be aware that, before openSUSE began I began using SuSE Linux 8.1 as my preferred OS – Autumn 2002.
And therefore, KDE3 with KMail as my preferred e-Mail tool.

I currently have 7 IMAP accounts open in KMail – all provided by my ISP – 1&1.
My local e-Mail folders take up 2.1 GiB disk space, plus my KOrganizer appointments and tasks …

My occupation – retired, with an ISTQB Software Tester certification …

Sorry for absence in reply, took a much needed rest and after that… I mentioned ISP as a problem (now changed), time is now pressing for other matters so all else on hold for now.
Will check in later.

btw Mr. Konqi A.I. (re Edit not edit) please don’t interupt and confuse things more than they already are.