Night Light manual times don't allow entry

This isn’t a huge deal (I can always turn things on and off manually), but I wanted to post as it seems like a clear bug.

If you set Night Light Switching Times to “Custom Times,” you can’t actually change the custom times - the text inputs don’t actually accept input, any way that I can figure out, at least.

I’m running the latest version of KDE Neon, with all the latest updates.

As always, thank you to the KDE team for your great work - I realize there are a million moving parts here!

I just tried this and can confirm it doesn’t let you change it (Using EndeavourOS)
Do I have to make a separate account to report this? Or am I just using the wrong password? (Had a few, might wait til tomorrow unless OP wants to report as a bug)

I’m happy to report it, but I’m having trouble finding where exactly to report a bug against Night Light - is it actually a feature of a parent program? Or is it this?

And I think it’s the same password as for this Discord, @Smokey .

I must of mistyped then, I would say that looks right to me unless it shows it under system or nightlight if searched (only guessing right now though)

Reported! Hopefully that was the right place. :crossed_fingers: