No cube effect in Plasma 6

Hello, I was advised to come here from an EndeavourOS thread about the same issue. I would provide a link, but an error torments me if I try to include one. The issue is that the “cube” desktop effect cannot be found, even when including unsupported and internal effects.

$ pacman -Q qt6-quick3d qt6-quick3dphysics xf86-video-amdgpu mesa vulkan-radeon
qt6-quick3d 6.6.2-1
qt6-quick3dphysics 6.6.2-1
xf86-video-amdgpu 23.0.0-1
mesa 1:24.0.2-2
vulkan-radeon 1:24.0.2-2

Is the effect unsupported on my system? If so, what makes a system qualify for support, and how can I make my system be supported, by force? Thank you in advance.

It’s in kdeplasma-addons. Did you install it?


The cube effect is available after installing kdeplasma-addons and rebooting. It was such a simple solution :frowning:. Thank you!

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does it only work in single monitor setup?

it works in dual monitor setup
there were some package dependencies missing in arch until yesterday

I think qtquick3d or something