No desktop on GPU2 - black screen with cursor - wayland

I have 2 dedicated Nvidia GPUs running 535.

GPU1 has two displays attached, 1 HDMI, the other DVI.
GPU2 has three displays attached, 1 HDMI and 2 DVI.

With Plasma 6 and Wayland, only the displays connected to GPU1 have a working desktop. The screen rotate and scale correctly. Everything is normal.

The displays connected to GPU2, on the other hand, show a cursor and a black screen. The cursor can be moved across all the screens, but I cannot click on the desktop, and dragging an app from a working display disappears as its being moved over to the blacked out display.

I cannot right click to get any context menus on the GPU2 displays.

As far as the display manager is concerned everything is running and set up. The Nvidia Control panel shows the 2 cards as present and working. I can find nothing in the logs.

The usual fixes for the problem in a single display was set properly already. (Nvidia DRM modeset=1, fbdev is not present).

Testing was done on a clean and new user account.

It works fine in X11.

(edit I should mention I had a weird glitch a couple of days ago where all the displays attached to GPU2 went black and a reboot was necessary in X11. The cursor could not go over to them though. It was only the once and has not reoccurred).

Have you tried with different drivers?

Is wayland working if both monitors are attached to the same GPU? I’m because in my case it doesn’t and it seems that this is an nvidia driver issue

see also the followings

Could also be that the issues not yet fixed:

Wayland Protocol or Compositor Limitations

  • The following workstation features are not supported by any Wayland compositors or the Wayland protocol. They will also likely require new EGL extensions or other means to expose the related hardware functionality.

The two monitors attached to GPU1 work fine in Wayland. Nothing on GPU2 works. So basically the left side of my display arrangement works, but the right side does not. I used the default compositor.

It seems your issue is far worse than mine, although I have not actually tested any apps.

Can you try switching the cables between the two monitors? Just to make sure that we aren’t talking about a bad cable?

Its 5 monitors. :wink: No bad cables. All monitors attached to GPU2 with wayland are black, but allow the cursor to travel across them from good (gpu1) to bad (gpu2), but not apps. The cursor remains visible but and movable. The monitors are on and functioning. There is just no KDE desktop on them it seems.

Which apps did you try? Can you try konsole and systemsettings apps and see if you can move any of these?

That is basically what I used. Nothing will go over there other than the cursor.

I will check some non-kde apps, stand by.

I’m just curious what happens while you are dragging the apps from one monitor to the other. Do they disappear? or do they get stuck in the original monitor and don’t move any more?

Just did some more testing. So, apps are alive and working in the black windows. I can move them in and out. Even though I cannot see them, random clicking does in fact activate buttons and in the places you would expect them. They continue to operate, they are just invisible other than the cursor.

oh well! maybe you should submit a bug report and also try different versions of nvidia drivers :\

That is odd, because it used to “mostly” support all the displays. The DVI displays used to work in Wayland where only the HDMI on GPU2 failed before. Now its all of them on GPU2.

I agree, I think this is a compositor thing. I noticed we do not have access to any compositor settings in Wayland.