No GUI to authenticate in many apps (perhaps policykit issue)

I noticed today that some applications that used to pop up a window to ask me for my password (for admin privileges) no longer do so.

In particular, muon, which is supposed to ask for my password before making any changes, instead pops up an error that no authentication was provided (because I was never asked).

Synaptic is supposed to ask for auth when starting, but now doesn’t start at all. If I run synaptic-pkexec from a terminal it does ask for auth, inside the terminal.

Perhaps they have somehow lost the ability to pop up a window instead of asking on the terminal? Am I missing a package?

Trying to run synaptic from the terminal, I also noticed that my correct password no longer allows me to run it:

Error executing command as another user: Not authorized

This incident has been reported.

While other applications, like Plasma’s system settings or Discover, both pop up a window to ask for password, and accept mine.

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qapt doesn’t ask for a password either, any longer.

I’d misunderstood what the problem is - it’s only the first time I get asked that a GUI appears. I’m making a new thread as I cannot edit the title.