No KDE Updates Lately?

Just wondering if I am the only one who hasn’t had any KDE updates in a while. I’m on 6.0.4, but used to updates much more frequent than as late has been the case. Just making sure everything is working correctly with respect to KDE updates on my system.

I can only assume, that currently most of the steam goes to moving to the Ubuntu 24.04 base :wink:

You can track the updates schedule here:

Note that patch versions are released on a Fibonacci sequence scheme:

  • 6.x.1 is released 1 week after 6.x.0
  • 6.x.2 is released 1 week after 6.x.1
  • 6.x.3 is released 2 weeks after 6.x.2
  • 6.x.4 is released 3 weeks after 6.x.3
  • 6.x.5 is released 5 weeks after 6.x.4
  • and so on (when more patches are needed for a point release)

In summary, patch versions get spaced out consistently.

Today, coincidentally, we might have 6.0.5 tagged. If a “6.0.6” would be released, it would be released in 8 weeks (5+3 = 8) from now.

Mind the next planned release is 6.1.0, the 6.0.6 is just an example.

That might explain your feeling about updates being not so frequent.