No mouse button remapping option in KDE settings

I have just changed from Manjaro to EndavourOS and I found that the remapping for extra mouse buttons options in KDE settings has disappeared. The mouse device is the same and I have tried other mouses but there were no options for this either. Do I need to install some components to enable this feature?

Options for binding extra mouse buttons should be in the Mouse settings page, with the button “Rebind Additional Mouse Buttons…”

This feature might not be available in X11, so you should check whether you’re using X11 or Wayland, which you can find out in About this System (Graphics Platform).

If it says X11, install plasma-wayland-session and choose it at the login screen.

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Thanks! I am using X11 indeed and I find it better than Wayland for me. If there is a simple way to remap extra mouse buttons under X11?