No option to resize panels

Now I’m sure (I’ve checked against someone else’s Plasma behaviour): I’m missing the option to resize panels (make them not use the full width of the screen). Here’s what I have in “more options” (bottom screen):

I’m trying to reproduce what the theme (Zafiro v3) did with the bottom panel of the top screen.

The forum won’t let me add another screenshot, but I also don’t have the middle resizing bar when in edit mode (the one with the handles allowing to modify the width of the panel). Plasma seems to be forcing me to use the “maximize” option (since there is no checkbox next to it, I can’t uncheck it…)


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Hello everyone,

More information: I’m missing:

  • the ruler with the handles to resize the width of the panel
  • the “More options” items “Default”, “Size/width/height/thicknes” or whatever it’s supposed to be named
  • the possibility to check/uncheck the “maximize panel” option
  • any mention of these size parameters in ~/.config/plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc.

It would help a lot if someone knew how to achieve any size for the panel through editing the config file, in the event where no one can guess why I’m missing these options in the GUI… Any help would be great!

By the way, I have the same problem on 2 different Manjaro/Plasma 5 laptops, which makes me think this issue should be easily reproced… Or at least it shows that it is probably not just a bug but rather a config issue.


i would reinstall the plasma desktop… seems like some dependency got lost somehow.

Sounds scary… What are the risks — I mean, what will I likely loose in the process? Isn’t it a bit overkill?

it will just refresh all the required dependencies in case they are corrupted or missing… you can use the -force switch to make sure they are replaced.

apt --help or man apt for details, if you are using apt.

think of it as validating the game files on steam.

all your preferences are saved in your /home dir so they won’t be affected.

for me i would do

sudo apt -s reinstall kubuntu-desktop

for a preview to make sure what it was going to do and the re-run it without the -s switch

you can probably do apt list --installed *desktop* to see which desktop package your distro is using.

I’m on Manjaro, so I’m going to try yay -Syu plasma-desktop. Can I run this in a KDE session or is it better to switch to a TTY while logged out to run it?

EDIT: I just went and ran it in a normal terminal. It didn’t break anything, but it didn’t help either: I still don’t have the options mentioned in my post…

man yay and see if there is an option to --force the overwrite of the dependencies and try it fr a tty

otherwise im out of ideas

They have a forum that is very good at helping people with lots of answers there, I would think it can be a place with more knowledge of the problems than here.

  1. First enter Edit mode


  2. Then click on this icon


you can right click on the panel and enter edit mode directly from there, skipping the first step.