No Render Window [kdenlive] [Garuda(Arch)]

When I click Project>Render, no window with the render settings shows up, so I am unable to render my projects. It was working a couple days ago, but isn’t now, and I don’t know what might have changed in that time. I have tried with several projects as well as reinstalled kdenlive. I don’t see any error in the terminal. When I click render, the terminal just prints
- a64
- ac3
- adts

For all the formats, but nothing else.
Any ideas? I wanted to ask here in case I am doing something stupid before I report a bug.

You on Linux? What version of Kdenlive? What changed between “working a couple days ago” and “no window with the render settings shows up”?

Ya, I am on linux. Garuda, which is a version of Arch.
I am using kdenlive version 23.04.3.
I rebooted my machine and reinstalled kdenlive several times yesterday to no avail, but this morning it is suddenly working again. I wish I knew what changed so I would know what to do if it ever happens again, but since it is working now and I can’t replicate the issue, I guess this issue is closed.