No sall icons are showing in Plasma Systray

I noticed yesterday that in CachyOS (Arch based) that GreenWithEnvy (GWE) isn’t loading on system reboot or logoff even though I have it set to in it’s settings. Today I installed LocalSend and set it to launch in the Systray on reboot / logoff and it’s also not showing up. I manually launch either program and close them and they still do not minimize to the Systray. Everything else that is suppose to start in the Systray does. The OS was freshly installed on 01272024 using the CachyOS live ISO released on 01212024. LocalSend was installed to replace Nitroshare cause for some reason it is not seeing the other computer on the network, but LocalSend had no issue seeing and sending files to it. I also gave Garuda installed and I’m going to boot into it and install LocalSend and see if it behaves there and minimizes to the Systray. I Have GWE installed in Garuda and it does start in the Systray on reboot / logoff. At this point I have no idea what to look at to see what might be causing the issue, nor do I know if it’s the OS or Plasma with the issue. Please any ideas on how to address / fix this would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.

I should add that I checked the overflow menu in Systray and right-clicked it to check Entries and neither are in either place.

Please see the thread on the CachyOS forum. Thanks

If everything else is working, it’s likely that the issue is caused by a code issue of some sort with the affected 3rd-party app.

It’s not the apps cause in Garuda and other Arch-based distros they show in the Systray without issue. I’m sure it’s something that the Cachy devs left out or tweaked the wrong way. I was just hoping for suggestions from you guys.