No sound from dvd player only

I did a fresh install of kubuntu 22.04 on my daughter’s old laptop yesterday. Everything works great except there is no sound from the cd/dvd player. System recognizes the device and there is sound in everything else (browser videos, system sounds, etc.) but even though the dvd plays, no audio. I have looked at everything I can think of and used VLC, Kaffeine & SMPlayer with no change. This is an old Pentium N, 8 gb ram & I installed on a newly installed SSD to speed things up. Any help much appreciated.

From konsole, run

vlc --verbose 2 dvd://sr0 2>&1 | sed "s/$(whoami)/USERNAME/g" | curl -F 'f:1=<-'     

and once the DVD has started to play, quit it, go back to the konsole window and post the URL that appears before you get your prompt back…

Edit:… remove username from paste

Sorry for the late reply (been working on another convert’s laptop), but I fixed it with installing the “extras” for Kubuntu AND sudo apt install libdvdcss2 (which it said it instead installed something different ) and now VLC has both beautiful video & audio. Thanks.

AND sudo apt install libdvdcss2

Odd how

the dvd plays,

at all without that installed

installing the “extras”

yeah - you’d be in a very small minority if you considered your

fresh install

as complete without the restricted codecs pack.

Not that either of those issues are KDE ones.