No storage devices auto-mount. Fixable? Bug?

No storage devices I have connected at boot automatically mount.

I’ve tested Fedora 40 KDE Spin and openSUSE Tumbleweed 20240220, but neither automatically mount my storage devices. I don’t recall when this began to fail (so it was probably after an OS reinstallation) but it definitely used to work on one of the Plasma 5.x versions.

If of use, undermentioned is some basic boot drive information:

This problem appears to be identical to what this Reddit post describes, but the description there is indeed basic, so of course it does.

There are probably files that I should provide the configurations for in order to diagnose this, but I can’t think of any. Got any ideas for solutions? Many thanks if so.

Select On Attach as well as On Login, it may work for you, as it works for me.

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@darryl, thanks. If it works, I suppose I’ll just consider this a bug. After all, it’s not like an internal PCIe (NVMe) storage device can be considered to be “removable” storage.

A shame that such a solution is necessary though, because that’s a significant security reduction.


doesn’t work for me, although I’m thankful for the assistance. However, I did happen to see an automatic mount PolKit window on a recent reboot once. I don’t really know what to make of that.

@darryl, it’s now happening sporadically, and solely after applying trhe aforementioned, even with that column disabled thereafter. It also asks for a seemingly random drive upon boot. How weird. I suppose it must have reset something. Thanks.

I never really tried using device auto mount on KDE, I skimmed at the code for it before but never really agreed with their approach. I would suggest you use the proven and tested /etc/fstab/

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