Nomodeset in neon?

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Is there anywhere where “nomodeset” as it applies to installing (or running i suppose) Neon is documented?

Firstly I thought it referred to the graphics driver but I think it is much wider than that.
Looking generally on the net there is lots of “enshittened” information (you know information that is just copied or plagiarized with the intend to simply to get visitors to the website to monetize with adds) information out there but a lot of it is not specific, out of date, not applicable to neon or just plain wrong.

Yes I know its a bit like “How long is a piece of string”.

Even a good document/website with at least some background that is current and factual as apposed to advertising slanted algorithm driven search results

Essentially, nomodeset is a kernel parameter that sets “safe graphics mode.”

THIS link is as good as any.

There won’t be any neon-specific info on it, since this isn’t distro related at all, and is pretty much the same everywhere.

HERE is more, from Linux kernel docs.

And here, which links to more in-depth stuff over there, and there is more in a similar vein elsewhere and other other places.

Ummm… I guess we are talking about KDE Neon here. Right? :slight_smile:

Yep, sorry for that.

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Thank you for your reply @claydoh
I had waded through some of that but the reason for asking the question was because of an answer in another question

I just assumed the “3” added was part of the “nomodeset” but from the reading you suggested it is apparently not.

Is it then the run level and if so where do I find information for Neon?
Perhaps I should be asking about grub?

None of this is specific to neon. Runlevels are (mostly) the same everywhere.

Don’t forget that as an OS, neon is Ubuntu, just with a different skin, if you will. There won’t be any sort of deep level documentation, since there is no need to duplicate what’s already there (Ubuntu and Debian.)

Not sure what runlevel has to do with this.

According to the link claydoh provided for ubuntu you can read what you should do in the last sentence:

To make the change permanent you need to add it to the /etc/default/grub file. Append nomodeset inside the quotes of the line GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="...". Then update your grub settings with sudo update-grub

Make sure you put nomodset in the correct spot, it is all very clearly described in the link.

Thank you for your reply @claydoh
Reading the Debian documentation on run levels imply that it is “semi standard”, that is some run levels (2-5) may be distro dependent, but 0,1 & 6 are pretty standard. It may well be that the other levels have become standard anyway.

Thank you for your reply @bedna

I actually only posed the question that perhaps its run level because of the 3 in the line below (which I wrongly assumed was to do with “nomodeset” )

I am now much clearer on “nomodeset” after @claydoh answer and links.

The reference to Grub was to actually decode the line above, on the assumption it was run level.