Non-Profit Program Percentage Report?

Hi folks,
I use KMyMoney for my personal account and love it.
I am the treasurer for a small non-profit, and would like to migrate that to KMyMoney,
but there is something that KMyMoney does not seem to have to support non-profits.
One of the metrics for a non-profit is the percentage of expenses that are used for program activities vs percent used for administration, etc.
I can think of two ways to try to add that data to KMyMoney.
The Income and Expense accounts could be setup with Administrative and Program at the top level, and all the usual accounts under that.
OR, maybe Tags could be used for Adminstrative, Program, etc.
Either way, there does not seem to be a Report that gives percentages.
The closest to that is a Pie Chart, but it uses the actual numbers instead of percentages.
Can anyone suggest a way to set this up for non-profit use?

Minor point - I think that admin vs program applies only to Expenses, not to income, so that makes things a little easier.

If you can get the appropriate rows into a report, just generate totals for the two sections. You will have to calculate the actual percentage yourself, but that would be easy if you export as csv and open in LibreOffice. I suppose it might be reasonable to file a wishlist bug to add percentage to the total for the top level groups in any report.

For now, using the Categories (Expense Accounts) is probably better. Reporting based on tags does not currently work correctly if the tags are on split transactions, so you may want to test whether it does what you expect for your actual data.

Thanks. It is easy enough to calculate the percentages manually.