Notification sounds missing

I’m currently running BigLinux which is Arch based and seems like no matter what I do I cannot get notification sounds. I have asked on their forums and have received no response for what I’m sure is something they did on their end. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks

I’m assuming since Plasma is a KDE someone here has an idea on how to fix the notification sounds.

In System Settings > Audio, are notification sounds muted?

Thanks to the BigLinux devs I found the checkbox and now have my navigation sounds. Now that said one quick question. I read that with Plasma 6.0 it’s going to be easier to enable system sounds in general. Is that true, and if so will the sound scheme settings finally not be buried as deep as they are now? Thanks

The sound scheme settings don’t exist at all in Plasma 5. :slight_smile: In Plasma 6 they’ll be in Colors & Themes > System Sounds. There’s also a chance we’ll move them into Audio before the final release.


They do exist but with the exception of the navigation sound they don’t work unless individually configured under navigation / configure. Nice to know that with 6 they’ll be in a more apt place in settings. Thanks for the info.