Notifications - Excecute command or script removed in Plasma 6?

Hi, in Plasma 5 I was able to run a script when screen locks/unlocks, I configured that in the notifications settings (screensaver), but now that option is missing.
Was that feature removed? Is there a workaround?
Thanks in advance.

Am I the only one that used that feature? :sweat_smile:

It was removed. But at least two or three others also used it! And one of them has submitted patch to re-add it: Re-implement "run command" aka "execute" notification event trigger (!4096) · Merge requests · Plasma / Plasma Workspace · GitLab

If the patch is accepted, it’ll re-appear in Plasma 6.1

Oh, I see.
I hope it will be accepted and the option will reappear.
Thanks for the response :+1: