Now with plasmoid - KDE Material You color schemes generator from wallpaper

Automatically generate Light/Dark Color Themes for KDE (and pywal if installed) from your current wallpaper

After 7-8 months without release, I decided to revive this project and added a Plasmoid to it, this is the first release of the widget so it may contain some bugs :slight_smile:. Requires python backend, check github link at the end for install instructions.


Features in previous releases

Plasma specific

  • Update automatically on wallpaper change
  • Multiple wallpaper plugins supported
  • Support for selecting Wallpaper plugin from secondary monitors
  • Dark and Light Icon theme
  • Support Plasma 5.26+ dark wallpaper variants
  • Start automatically on login
  • Make titlebar darker to match specified applications like terminals, code editors and other programs themed by pywal
  • Follow Plasma Material You Dark/Light change to work with theme schedulers like Koi
  • Plasma addons

Themeable programs

  • Konsole color scheme
    • opacity control
  • Pywal support to theme other programs using Material You Colors
  • Basic KSyntaxHighlighting support (Kate, KWrite, KDevelop…)

Theming options

  • Alternative Material You color selection if the wallpaper provides more than one
  • Use your favorite color to generate Material You color schemes
  • Custom colors list used for konsole/pywal
  • Custom amount for background color tint
  • Dark/light Color schemes (Plasma and pywal/konsole independently)
  • Set a script/command that will be executed on start or wallpaper/dark/light/settings change
  • Configuration file


  • Added Plasmoid
  • Made default color a little less dark and tinted
  • Converted to python package, backend can be installed from pip now
  • Automatically detect wallpaper plugin and try to get wallpaper data

Backend installation instructions and source code here: