Ocular viewing pages withoout a split in the middle?

I wonder if there is a way to set Ocular to show documents without margins or padding. I would like to be able to view pages from screen top to bottom and without a seem in the middle. I tried to ask it by Ocular’s mail, but no one answered.

I haven’t tried it, but did you try Peruse? It uses Okular as the backend, but the UX is optimised for reading comics.


I tried the Peruse, but I do not like it: no customization, no settings, no facing pages option (you can only choose reading direction).
With Ocular’s settings I can change things just how I like to view PDF documents, the only thing that I do not like are those gaps. :frowning:

I can see your point. Was worth a shot just in case.

Perhaps best if you open an issue in bugs.kde.org and perhaps link it here too?

I did as you suggested, but it seems I am not the only one who already complained about it. Similar things were reported in 2005 “facing pages: too much room between the pages” and in 2010"‘facing pages’ view mode produces inaesthetic variable space between pages". I hope someone will fix that in 2024. :slight_smile:

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